Associação Iscte Conhecimento e Inovação (Iscte)

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Project Description

Iscte – Conhecimento e Inovação (Iscte-CI) [] is a private not-profit research association whose main mission is developing high-level research and innovation and promoting synergies between Social Sciences and Digital Technologies. Iscte-CI intends to promote a better understanding of social mechanisms and development for innovative solutions to address critical 21st Century international developments and societal challenges, as well as the consequences of globalisation in different regional areas.

The Centre for International Studies (CEI-Iscte) is the host research unit of this project. CEI-Iscte’s core mission is developing academic research, thinking, and intervention in a range of complex social, political, and economic phenomena that go beyond national and regional borders. CEI-Iscte participates in international projects funded by several programmes that cover different areas such as citizenship building, the improvement of skills, corruption awareness, integrity in sport, and social and political development. CEI-Iscte is also responsible for conducting studies and evaluation of campaigns processes for national elections, implemented systems of education, social practices, and framing public policy actions.