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BITEFIX project

BITEFIX project aims to provide innovative and practical tools to enable committed stakeholders to work together; to contribute for a greater efficiency of the exchange of information mechanisms overall, in particular the national platforms under the Macolin Convention; the strengthening of the resilience of the system on countering match-fixing and to foster capacity building.

Therefore, the intention of this proposal is to take a step further, so that, as aforementioned, BITEFIX project achieves its objectives to develop and provide innovative and practical tools to enable committed stakeholders (law enforcement authorities, betting regulators, betting operators, government agencies and sport governing bodies, mainly) to work together against match-fixing and betting-fraud in sports throught the exchange of timely, secure and reliable information and raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding the integrity of sport and of its irreplaceable role in European society, with a special focus on grassroots sports.

Match-fixing is defined as

“an intentional arrangement, act or omission aimed at an improper alteration of the result or the course of a sports competition in order to remove all or part of the unpredictable nature of the aforementioned sports competition with a view to obtaining an undue advantage for oneself or for others.”

BITEFIX project

will pursue the following specific objectives
  • 1

    Contribute to identify and put in value successful initiatives, projects or strategies coming from different countries and organizations

  • 2

    Create and implement an innovative educational package, as a capacity building tool, aimed at committed key stakeholders in countering match-fixing

  • 3

    Create an International Network of Experts on countering match-fixing in sport. This action will be supported with the design and spread of an online collaborative platform in order to foster the networking among key stakeholders and experts in countering match-fixing

  • 4

    Develop policy recommendations.
    Ensure the quality of the implementation of the project and its outputs.

  • 5

    Disseminate information about the activities implemented and results obtained.
    Guarantee the exploitation and sustainability of project results.

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