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Terms of use

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Bitefix.eu has the right to change at any time the terms and conditions of use while the users/visitors must check every time for potential changes and in the case that they continue the use it is deemed that they accept unconditionally the changed terms and conditions. In the opposite case they have to restrain from visiting our website.

Bitefix.eu expend every possible effort so as the content and the information that appears every time in its website to be as accurate and true as possible, it does not bear, though, any responsibility for the credibility, completeness or the fact that information is or not updated. Anything provided to users/visitors through our website does not in any case, directly or indirectly, constitute encouragement, advise or exhortation for the conduct of any act but it’s up to the distinctive discretion of users/visitors to evaluate what it is provide to them and act based on their own will, with no responsibility from our side.

We do not controll any third party’s content included in our web page and we do not conceptually adopt or approve it.

User /Visitor that uses the services or our web site must do so in accordance to law, moral consideration and the present terms and not proceed to acts or omissions that can cause harm to the function of the web site or to intellectual property rights of third parties.

Declaration for the waver of Responsibility

Bitefix.eu in no case bears any responsibility for any demands or sanctions deriving from a legal (civil or penal procedure) nor for any damages caused by visitors of our website or third parties by means that are related to the faction or not or the use of our website or the information that it has or due to incapability or providing services or information that normally are provided by our website or due to any intervention or third parties to products or services or information, that re provided through the website.

Bitefix.eu and its partners put every possible effort for the good function of its website, with no guarantees that, its services and the servers that host it, will not be interrupted, will be error free and free from viruses and other similar elements. Bitefix.eu and its partners do not bear any responsibility for disasters of any kind that can be caused by the use of the present website included but not restricted, to direct, indirect, random, coincidental and consequential damages.

Our company has not controlled any third party content included in our web page and we do not conceptually adopt or approve it.

Copyright and industrial property rights

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Consequently, all the abovementioned are provided for personal, non commercial use, under the prerequisite that you maintain the notes concerning creator’s rights and other relative rights of intellectual property, that are included in the authentic material, in all copies of that material and of course it forbidden to change the material of the website in any way or reproduction or public exhibition, or performance or upload or distribution or any use for commercial or other purposes. The rest products and services that are mentioned in the web pages of the present web site and have the logo of the relevant bodies, companies, partners, partnerships or editions, constitute their copyright and industrial property right.

If you for any reason consider any part or element of our web page as offending, discriminating or being in violation of any kind of law or regulation, please inform us immediately by sending an email to bitefix@bitefix.eu