Sevilla Fútbol Club Foundation (SFC Foundation)

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SFC Foundation
Project Description

Seville Football Club Foundation is one of the cornerstones on which the whole Club is based. It aims to integrate the company with the promotion and development of sports activities and transmit the values of Seville FC through these actions and other social, educational, and cultural activities affecting the society (youth, immigrants’ integration, people with disabilities, marginalised or disadvantage groups, sick people, etc).

Thanks to the power of the Sevilla brand, it offers a support that results in the growth and the greatness of the club. Together with the sporting success the social work is the most satisfying and stimulating reward for the Foundation as a whole.  Our Foundation was created to the occasion of our Centenary in 2005 and it intends to develop a consistent social work to give back to our society how much it has given us.

We are “values”. That’s the idea and the way to remark it is through the daily activity of the Foundation. We bet on our core values: education for tolerance, respect, equality… In short, we bring football to all citizens, and thus the values of sport, to get profits towards our society.

Our main objectives fall into promoting sports, disseminating social integration, training and cultural activities and social projects which are materialised in these main activities:

  • Sports activities.
  • Children – Summer School Football & English.
  • Easter intensive course
  • College Football-Antonio Puerta Seville FC.
  • International collaborations
  • Sevilla FC Veterans.
  • Dissemination social integration
  • Mini-World Cup for Immigrants
  • Visits to hospitals with First Team male and female players
  • Sevilla FC Genuine Team (Project organised by LaLiga for people with intellectual disabilities)
  • Formative and cultural activities.
  • Children-School Program “Get Profit from the School”.
  • Cultural Museum Seville FC.
  • Agreement with UPO University for the transfer of knowledge, fostering employability and social commitment
  • Publication of books.
  • Training seminars.
  • Master Degree

Currently, the Foundation is involved as a partner in two different Erasmus+ Sport projects with the title of BITEFIX “Building Innovative Tools for the Exchange of Information and Awareness Raising Against Match-Fixing in Sport” and White Flags. Since 2015, the Foundation have been involved in other 3 projects: PSYTOOL ”Sport Psychology as a strategic tool for prevention and training on grassroots sports”, ELIT-in “Integration of elite athletes into the labour market through the valorisation of their transversal competences” and EYVOL “Empowering youth volunteers through sport in the Mediterranean Region”, a collaborative partnership that allows a group of stakeholders from different sport backgrounds to collaborate in the establishment of a network to take full advantage from the implementation of the Sport Sciences.