Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations


A comprehensive fight against match-fixing is dependent of a series of actions that must be pursued systematically, consistently and by initiative of several actors (both individually and in a coordinated manner).

An effective integrity protection system depends on a holistic approach, with top-bottom decisions and bottom-up initiatives by each of the relevant stakeholders.

The multiple, simultaneous actions, of the concerned stakeholders, should be operationalized towards end-results by coordinating through multi-party’s platforms.

The BITEFIX Policy Recommendations builds essentially in the work developed by the project’s partners in the different work packages (WP) and in the numerous discussions, work sessions, coordination meetings, conferences and Transnational Project’s Meetings (TPMs) held along the execution of the project.

In addition, all the available literature, international instruments and key-studies have been considered and, where pertinent, referred.

The Recommendations were prepared (method) in accordance with the (i) goals and (ii) process/steps described hereunder.

The Recommendations are organised by 7 (seven) key-subjects, aiming at providing a pyramidal overview and a roadmap on challenges and main anchors to set-up a resilient anti-match-fixing system, enabling the relevant stakeholders to increase awareness and be better equipped to respond to the threats posed by match-fixing, with a focus on exchange of information and personal data protection.

Each key-subject contains a brief introductory ‘rationale’, the Recommendation(s), the key references, the key links (where pertinent), and specific recipient (where applicable).


  • 01.
    Countering match-fixing & betting fraud
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  • 02.
    Exchange of Information & Personal Data Protection
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  • 03.
    Whistle-blowing & protected reporting mechanisms
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  • 04.
    Education & Capacity Building
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  1. Propose European-wide policy solutions to combat match-fixing in sports at all levels (EU, national and regional), with a special focus on education & capacity building.
  2. Promote collaboration & networking between key stakeholders and experts in exchanging timely, secure and reliable information to counter match-fixing.
  3. Improve the conditions for more evidence-based policy making in the field of sport at all levels (EU, national and regional).
goals 01 1


Analyse political measures and strategies to combat match-fixing and betting-fraud.
  • Focusing on capacity building and awareness raising at grassroots sports’ level.
  • Focusing on the promotion and strengthening of the systems of exchange of information and identification of the correct action to adopt to tackle match-fixing in face of a given threat.
  • Informing policy-makers about options that are evidence based, robust and will achieve the desired result related to this issue considering various scenarios.
The policy recommendation approach followed this sequence:
  • Identify and clarify the policy issue;
  • Research relevant background and context;
  • Identify the alternatives;
  • Carry out required consultations;
  • Select the best policy options and prepare policy recommendation document for approval.